Visitor Services

      Books on visitor services training by author Maria Christensen

About the content of the guide Act 1 opens with you 

The guide is aimed at the Front of House staff and is designed to help the Front of House management with the customer service training of their new employees.

The guide provides a lot of basic knowledge, tools and tips / tricks about customer service and the content of the job that the Front of House staff has. It is the intention that the Front of House management, with very little time to train newly arrived employees in customer service, can give them a copy of this guide to to ensure that they have the basic training in customer service.

There is always new replacements of employees in the Front of House area at most venues, hopefully this guide will make it easier to ensure that everyone is well trained and up to date and knows the impotance of good customer service.

The guide contains training on subjects like:

Handling complaints

Evacuation and first aid

Personal hygiene

Body language

... and much more